Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going backwards...

Since the weather continues to be as bad as it is I might as well keep posting photos from earlier rides, this one is from April 24th, almost a month ago! Time fly's by...

The "goal" for today was to get to a strip of trail that I had heard of but never tried. Now I just had to get there and I was about to take the long route there. =)

Hit the trails almost instantly, took the path over Biskopsnäset. There's a lot of trees over the trail, the snow has left it's mark, too bad my foldable saw ended up in two pices earlier this year. I got to buy another one so I can "clean" the local paths.
Thankfully some one had made a effort and cleared the path futher ahead that was in really bad shape after the tree cutting machines.
Then began the long climb up to the top of Håksberg.
Coltsfoot and wood anemones everywhere.
Way less snow than last time and WAY easier to bike the whole way up. :)
No snowmobile tracks as far as one could see, brilliant!
For comparison from Mars 21:th:

The reward:
Better let the bike rest a while.

The small damm on the top.

After enjoying the ride down on the other side of the mountain and biking a bit further I could hear a woodpecker but could not for the life of med locate it even if I clearly had located the direction the sound came from.

After staring for a while the pecking ended and suddenly a burst of sticks and debris fall from one of the trees.
Turned out the bird had tunneled way in to the tree and it was no wonder I could not locate it! The sound was as clear as if the bird had pecked on the outside. :)

This three was lazy and hang over the power line.
The goal of my trip, a path that I heard some one talk about on the Wednesday ride, it was apparently a nice one. Well... It kind of was that but it lasted like a nano second. Ah, well. :)
After that slight disappointment I headed back home again, this time I used the bike lane. Right before Brunnsvik I passed someone who looked familiar, took a while for my brain to process the information and I realized it was Anki, slammed the brakes and went back to chat. Turned out she was out getting some miles before a bike race. :)

Just before Sörvik I turned down at the water processing plant and took the trail I also took earlier this winter.
It was a bit gooey and in this case I actually had preferred a snow mobil track.
Stayed away from the bike lane as much as I could.
But sooner or later I knew I had to use it again.
Even took the short trail at Kaffeholmen and noticed the new ABB building was eerie familiar with something.
Just about to get out of the last stretch of forest I noticed someone had violated a pine for some reason, wackos...
The dry stream.
At home! What a fantastic spring day! Glad I made good use of it. =)

So nice to have full suspension again after all the hours on a rigid bike!
30 some kilometers in roughly 2h.

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