Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back to the present...

Some more current photos, from today, took a short ride with the Pugsley which has been collecting dust lately. Planning to use it on a local bike "race" called Långa Dagen (the Long Day).

Some might remember that I posted some photos from last years race that I had to give up after my chainring got loose and I ovalized it since I had lost some bolts, that won't happen this year!

A bad video showing how windy it was occasionally.

Had no imagination so I took a familiar route, up to Gröna Stigen.
Last days rain had dried up nicely.
The forest anemones is every where.
Didn't take the jogging trail.
I went down towards Knutsbo and the trail parallel to the bus road.
Short clip from the trail:

Fresh after the rain.
Some light made it through the trees.
Looked like a paralyzed deer in the headlights!
Scared some spiders!
OK, there were some wet patches.
Windy under the power lines.
No more spring leaves...
Well, some more wetter areas.
After another small climb there was a long stretch down hill, always exiting with a rigid bike, full concentration!
I swear I saw a troll!
The convallaria has just started to bloom.

Nooo!! End of the trail... :(
No more wind protection from the trees.
Made a short visit at Jägarnäs but the cold wind scared me away.
Found some trails past the houses.
The syringa vulgaris is also about to bloom, not sure what's so vulgar about it?
Unknow tree blooming.
After going over a small hill I went up towards Högberget.
Not so high but still nice view.
Decided to take the steep trail down but first a stop at the big rock.
First time I climbed up on to it.
Looked like there had been a bench here, perhaps before the trees were obscuring the view there was a nice view from here too.
After going down towards Ludvika again there was not much left before I was back at home.
Over an hour and 11km.


  1. Whoa, the forest looks nice!

    Since you don't have Facebook: White-stemmed Bramble (vitstammigt hallon) is called "Rubus Cockburnianus" in latin. :D

  2. Sweet!
    Looks like you lost quite a bit of weight since I last saw you (granted it was a long long time ago)?

  3. Vulgaris means common...
    It's latin - dear brother...