Sunday, May 15, 2011

Route Retard...

Time for a megapost!

Last week on Tuesday I decided to try some unpaved forest roads. Two years ago, in 2009 I got a pair of Continental Ultra Race tires as a "special" price for houling my Pugsley around the course. Not sure why since it sometimes felt like I was cheating with my massive tires on the gravel. =)

Anyhow, it was time to use the tires for what I suppose they were intended too. Gravel roads!

But first I had to get there, used the old railroad track, now converted to bike lane. Passing Lyviken.
On my way to Blötberget.
Left the bike lane and hit the road to Klenshyttan.
Passed some of the old mine buildings left in Blötberget.
I seldom ride this direction and saw to my surprise a old power station I never seen before, clearly visible from the road, perhaps the trees had been removed so it was visible now?
Almost in Klenshyttan, just on the other side of the tunnel.
Some nice views here. Lake Dammsjön.

From Klenshyttan it was basically gravel all the way to Snöån, here I have passed Kåsen.

In Snöån I back was on asphalt surface again, the gravel road was actually smoother when not trying to avoid the pot holes!
Decided to take the longer route and headed for Björsjö.

Now so warm as it had been previously but when in the sunshine it was nice and cosy.
In Björsjö it was time to turn towards Smedjebacken.
The dam.
Made a short stop at lake Mörktjärnen and took a closer look.
Just before this lake a passed another Dammsjön, the imagination to come up with names wasn't so good I suppose? :)

Self portrait.
Bike portrait.

Kept going and after a long climb and a hillarious ride down I was in Smedjebacken.
Time to get some energy, had my second soft ice for the year at the same place as the first. Shell in Smedjebacken.
Not surprised the sun decided to hide behind the clouds the whole time I ate the ice cream...
Time to get to the next gravel stretch. Passed Gubbo where there was something going on in the Folketshus buildning.
Nice smooth roads here too, no loose surface, not much any way. :)
Starting to get late, think I had made 60km by now, but I didn't want to go home just yet.
Had to take a short brake in the steepest climb. Not sure what the building was used for.
Just keep climbing...
The forest groud here was covered with thimbleweed flowers!
Finally up on the hill! Schisshyttan.
Lake Skissen:
Now it was getting colder, but from here it's almost down hill all the way home. :)
After passing Håksberg I used the bike lane since the road is so narrow and the banister makes it even worse. Trying to avoid a man walking a dog I managed to hit a small stone laying on the asphalt dead on and puncture my front wheel just a few kilometers from home. *doh!*
Changed the tube and made it to Ludvika!
(I'll add some videos as soon as they are uploaded to youtube...)

A bit over 70km in around 3h. Comfort speed, enjoying the sights. =)


  1. lovely pics, i like the reflections on the water and the woods there...

  2. Megapost. I shit you not.
    But nice