Monday, March 21, 2011

No Smoke Saturday...

We got a ton of snow on Friday morning, it literally poured down so I was a bit anxious when I got out for a ride on Saturday. Would the tracks be ridable? Lovely day at least, the snow mobile people should love this, must be one of the last days with plenty loose snow this winter (hopefully!)
Headed towards Biskopsnäset and planned to take the bridge over to Håksberg. Ske cross country ski tracks was not prepared and I took the road all the way.
Lots of open water.
Lot's of "open water" on the bike lane and road, the snow was melting fast in the warm sunshine!
First snow mobile tracks, test rode and it felt promising! (Rail road tracks to the right. :))s
Had already climbed a while but there was still much climbing left!
Started to get some views.
No trace of the nice snow mobile tracks I tested earlier, this was soft and loose, only option was to push the bike all the way!!
Took a lot of "photo breaks"!
A neighbourg from the same apartment house complex was out exercising his snow mobile, thanked him for making tracks in the snow. :)

After some 30 minutes of bike pushing I started to see the end of the misery!
Finally I could enjoy the view from the top!
Here the sun had made the snow moist and it was much more usable.

Perfect tracks in the snow from the snow mobile, one can even read the brand of the track!
Decided to do some free riding, it ended abruptly in a OTB (over the bar) in slow motion, landed on my face and stomach, remember thinking I'd better try land on the side so that I won't get the now air born bike in my back! :)
Went back the way I came to look for some shelter from the wind and perhaps some dry wood to make a fire, waded through the snow that was more than knee deep! (Sorry about the crutch shot).
Left the bike behind and continued to mush through the now on my own a few hundred meter more, exhausted I made it to a nice place but I managed to breake off the blade from my portable saw so I decided to skip the fire place and just enjoy the warmth of the sun while I drank my coffee...
After passing the same spot for the third time I met some more people that also had decided to enjoy the weather. Talked a while and they seriously thought that their snow mobile wouldn't make it to the top, they had a small trailer after the snow mobile with gear. The fellow in the snow forced his friend to take some photos of my bike, they had some questions about the fat tires. :)

After some chatting it was time to head back home.
Mostly down hill on slippery surface, had a few heart rate rising moments! :)
Didn't dare to cross the ice.
Slightly boring road back on the bike lane but I was thankful it was easy pedaling after the ordeal earlier.
Not far to Ludvika now.
Was a bit tempted to stay for the sun set but my hunger was stronger.
Home before the sun managed to set! :)
19km and not quite 3h. Felt like I used half that time to push the bike up hill... ;)

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