Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glentress, first day!

Continuing the travel report from Scotland found here:

Finally it was time to get the ride gear on and leave Innerleithen for Glentress and getting our hands on the rented bikes!

A short walk to the car in the morning.

A the Hub, in the forest!

Per did some last minute shopping, a new backpack with water reservoir, and room for a Nikon D90 in a bag. =)

The expectation level was high!

Even the view from the parking place was lovely!

Sweet! A Lapierre Froggy with Hammerschmidt cranks, wish it was mine! :)

Service! The mechanic change the pedals. They also swapped the brake handles from "moto-style" to "regular" for us from outside UK! :)

Proper carbo loading! ;)

I wasn't alone doing that.

True, true...

First climb! Nicklas with head cam.

Tobbe, Malin and Jonas going up the hill in the heat.

Happy faces! And that when we were still climbing!

Tobbe was also using head cam, for testing purposes. :)

Just a random shot I took backwards still sitting on my bike.

Some fun stuff on the way up!

Some light at the end of the "tunnel".

Ah! Now the view started to look even better when we had managed to climb even further up the hill!

Been biking in worse places. ;)

The pictures does not give the view justice!

Testing functions in my new compact camera. A tad too short time between shots. ;)

More climbs.

Felt like it lasted forever!

What is it that steals the attention?

Ah! The free ride park! =)

We skipped that one and took the trail down:

Tobbes lunch, looks like poo with salad. Gross! Salad! ;)

Catching breath before the next climb.

Bought a milkshake, it contained milk but the shake was missing!

Thursday but still lots of people here, nice!

Back at the view, discussing and pointing stuff out.

Tobbe in total Zen-state.

Per looks pretty Zen-ed out too! ;)

Last picture of Peter for this time, he had his accident moments earlier and here he decided to return to the car, turned out he had punctured a lung! As far as I know he is still in Scotland since he isn't allowed to fly for six months! I hope everything is OK with him considering he's state!

The rest of us continued our climb upwards.

The sun was scorching!

But with views like this who cared?!

At the top, unfortunately I forgot the name of this trail, started with a row of drops. Here checked out by Jonas and Malin.

Started with a relatively small drop and got bigger further away.

Had way too much fun on the way down so I forgot to take any photos until we were at the cafe again. Drank all my water, 3l, so the ice cold coke at the cafe was a heaven sent thirst quencher!

When we managed to land after the decent it was time to get back to Innerleithen, luckily it was mostly downward. Had to take a shot of this property, nice place but in need of some slight renovation...

Here we are approaching the junction at Cardrona.

Bovine tranquility...

Passing over the river Tweed at Cardrona.

Tweed River, notice the fly fisher at the river bank. We could see several small salmons in the river and a BIG one! :)

A ice cold Caffreys was the reward when getting back at the flat! =)

Salt&Vinegar was the second food group.

Time to fire up the BBQ!

Tobbe was already on fire, the scorching sun had made it's mark!

Even the small holes in the glove was big enough to create dots on the hands!

The sky was still quite clear but the sun was setting.

The Caffreys didn't last long, time to try McEwan's.

All sort of meats and some fish was on the grill, but the "burgers" were the best!

Rest of the night I was in meat coma and totally forgot to take any more photos! But what a day! Completely exhausted from the biking but cold hardly wait til next day!

The only thing that brought down the mood was the news from Nicklas that Peter had punctured his lung and had to stay the rest of the trip in hospital... :(


  1. Awesome pictures! I don't half want to go there!

  2. The red trail from the top is Spooky Woods.

    Love the instant ultra action slow-mo when I roll off that log. Just ad some "double kick-drum very metal"! ;)

    Oh, and my skin is peeling now...

  3. Nice one, like the slow-mo function on your compact camera Harri!

  4. Yeah the slo-mo is pretty nice, I just have to learn how to handle it, the buttons on the camera isn't exactly intuitive! =)

  5. brilliant pics //harri!,
    the Hub mechanic in the pic is jake who built my pugsley! and builds all my wheels,good bunch of guys there at the shop,
    thats spooky woods descent you couldnt remmember the name of,aint it fun!
    looking forward to more pics...