Friday, June 11, 2010

Return of the Reign!

After checking the weather services I could conclude that today (Thursday) was going to be the best day to bike, unless one likes rain!

Got a small hole in the rear tire on my racer, the air is slowly slipping out, my Pugsley is not functional after the front ring disaster earlier... So, I decided it was way over due to take the renovated Reign out for a spin!

Started easy just taking the trail next to the (now) dry river.

Good thing I took that way, of course the gates were down because of a passing train!

Nice museum environment!

Let the climbing commence! =)

Made it up the dusty gravel road, the car drivers had no consideration for others! Glad when I could turn into the trail! Almost had forgotten how to ride in rough terrain after the visit to Glentress! ;)

In all it's glory, wait... It's a Reign. ;)

Hit me how well the bike behaved, I'm glad I spent some money to fix it up!

Trying out the "focus trap" function in the new camera.

Seems to work great! Had 30 pictures to choose from! Too bad I left my gorilla pod at home, well, more time for riding!

Another try.

Just had to make sure I didn't activate the shutter when getting back to the bike!

Promise, this is the last one! =)

Seems like they had put up some new signs in the woods. Röse=man-made mound of stones


Ah! Primitive power transmission! Wonder if the Egyptians had something similar 2000 years before us?

Ah, everything is so green and fresh now!

Checking out the old mine left overs.

Långgruvan=Long mine, the sign tells that there is still ore left down there at 70 meters depth.

Warning for mine pits!

Testing macro focus.

Noticed that the mosquitoes were plenty now, no time to stand still!

Just had to take this shoot down in to a mine pit, still filled with ice chunks! And debris...

Gravel road again, and sun shine!

One of few wet patches in the woods, it was pleasantly dry on the trails!

24mm wide is OK on a compact.

Not exactly Glentress standard in the trail smoothness department. ;)

Slightly better!

Found some delicious Lily of the walley. ;) (Who the hell came up with that name for a flower?!?)
Seems to have many names according to Wiki:

Couldn't resist taking a shot of the bike, liked the contrast against the dark ground.

Some more climbing.

Had some time left before I had to be at the Sushi place so I took a turn over to the beach at Skuthamn.

Time to head home!

Managed to make some twisted route!

Too bad it's going to pour down rain this weekend, hopefully it will dry up quickly, this ride just make me want more! :)

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