Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Ride IV

Fourth time I mange to participate in the Wednesday ride from Lindbergs cykel. Record amount of riders for me and almost for the organizer, we spilt into two groups, a faster and a slightly slower one. The fast group being the bigger one, six persons in the second group.
We started by going towards Smedjebacken and turn in towards Hagge. After coming to the crossroad we went towards Björsjo.
After passing Björsjö we once again turned towards Smedjebacken. On the way there we passed a loong down hill slope! Apparently some was way over 70km/h!
Someone manage to get a flat tire before the decent, so we were waiting for them at the foot of the hill. Went back up the hill and some riders were coming down so I joined them, turned out it was the second group, ah well, decided to go with them.
When we approached Gubbo the big group catched us so I once again changed group. =)
Just after passing Gubbo my rear tire started to feel strange, turned out it was almost flat so I had to stop and pump air into it, when I was done the group was far away, did a effort to try catch up but I had no chance to catch them! Must been instant punishment for leaving the others earlier! ;)

Almost 60 km in 2h:


  1. Haha, ambivalent riding there!

    You should yell "punka" so others can wait, or not.

    I was busy eating birthday dinner and drinking champagne yesterday, not too shabby alas no ride. ;)

    I'll compensate tonight and bike to sushi...

  2. Never leave the group! It'll bite you in your back! ;)