Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting to Glentress...

Time to start spamming my blog with photos from the latest trip. The trip to Scotland!

When I decided to join the trip t felt like this was way in to the future but suddenly it was time to get ready to get going! This time we all left the bikes at home and the plan was to hire the bikes at location, that meant that the amount of stuff that had to be carried along was way less than usual. The packing was done in a heartbeat, liberating! :)

Only bike related parts I brought with me was my Time Z-pedals, rest was bike clothes, camera gear and some regular clothes. Got some extra space in the luggage tobbe had payed for, the rest I stuffed in to my carry-on luggage. Ryan air knows how to charge for all extra luggage. =)

The flight was to lift off around 7 pm so I decided to work on the morning at Wednesday and take a half day off on the afternoon. This way I saved a precious vacation day!

Had some troubble filling up my car with petrol before picking up Tobbe, thought there was something wrong with the gas-pump, turned out that the tank was full, couldn't belive that the consumption had been so low! =)

Well, after getting slightly behind schedule I got to T&A:s house, loaded the car with Tobbes stuff and we were on our way! Untill Tobbe relised he had forget his passport on the kitchen table! Luckily we hadn't manage to get too far by then!

After thinking we had a comfortable time margin to get to the airport we suddenly had a slight hurry, but we made it in time!

Think Tobbe told me that he checked in the baggage after the Ryanair 'dead line' but there were apparently no major problems.

Waiting for the plain to get ready for next flight.

Now in the air, somewhere over the North sea.

Nice reflections from the sun hitting the sea.

We made it to the Edinburgh Airport!

Looking for our car outside the rental center.

On our way to Innerleithen!

Sorry about all sky shots, couldn't resist! =)

On the A703(?) to Peebles.

After settling in to the rented apartment we went out for a bite, Volcano Takeaway got the honors to deliver our food, mostly because it was the only place still open. ;)

After downing a huge Ham & Pineapple Pizza it was time to get some sleep, managed to get some sleepd despite the great expectations for the next day!


  1. I took my place in the luggage line four minutes before dead line, but it was a slow moving line so I got the luggage checked-in a few minutes past the dead line...

    Why did we go home?

  2. Hehee...

    Good question, got this fron Ryan:

    174,00 kr
    Mer information om Edinburgh »

    Biljettpriserna omfattar inte frivilligt / Avgifter och extra kostnader (klicka här)
    Bokningsperiod: ons 9 jun 10 - tor 10 jun 10
    Reseperiod: ons 23 jun 10 - lör 31 jul 10
    Tilllämpliga dagar: mån - sön (mån av tillgång)
    Förköp: 14 Days in advance

    Must decide today! ;)

  3. for a wee country we have some big skys here in scotland eh?, and amazing colour of scenery...