Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday evening...

Went out to shoot some photos after work, were out for roughly an hour, got hungry and had some dinner, looked out the window and saw that there was probably a nice sun set going on.

Just had to get in the car and go to the "beach" to snap some shots.

Finally took of the Nikkor 35mm/f1.8 and replaced it with the Sigma 10-20mm for some scenery shots. Also got use of the Jinasi remote switch to prevent shaking when shooting several shots with different exposures to process in Photomatix HDR.

A shot with the go-cart in it too... ;)
Another angle.
After that I got home again and celebrated the weekend with the Oud Beersel Oude Geuze.
Forgot it was a spontaneous fermented beer with referements in the bottom of the bottle when I pored it in the glas. Doh...

Not exactly my cup of tea but still enjoyable, needed however to flush it down with a Brother Thelonious to compensate! Very nice, as always! =)


  1. Really cool shots, as usual. That first shot of the fir cone almost looks tilt shifted. Shallow depth of focus rocks!
    The one with the go-cart could have been straight out of a Suzuki catalog had it not been for the trees.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it's cool how one can take a "slice" of reality with shallow DOF. have to play with the aperture to find the best settings.
    The joy of photogaphy. =)

    Good thing that the sunset shot didn't show how dirty the car really is! ;)

  3. Nice photos, like the bukkake (bokeh?) in the fir cone one. That nest box looks poisonous!

    Some people pour the bottom yeast into a shots glass and drink it along with the rest of the beer. I pour it all into the glass. Gueze is really special.

  4. Thanks! Yeah the bird box must be radioactive or something! :)

    Ok, so I was not entirely wrong pured beer then? =)

    But it tasted more like vine or something like it.

  5. Yeah, Gueuze is more like wine than the regular type of beer. Often they are quite sour as well, not that common in normal beers. :)

    Must have come like a shock if you expected a somewhat "regular" Belgian ale. :D

  6. Well, the chock was reduced since I first smelled the "beer". =)

    But, no, it was not as good as regular Belgian ale!