Monday, March 30, 2009

Wired action!

Bought a while ago an inexpensive YongNuo RS-N2 (corresponding to Nikon's MC-DC1) wired remote switch to my Nikon D80 from and I was very pleased with the function.

But when I sold the D80 to be able to afford a Nikon D90, Nikon had changed the socket to a different one that also works with the new Nikon GP-1 GPS unit! Luckily I could use the infrared remote but a cord remote is sometimes more convenient.

I have been waiting for a third party wired remote for the D90 a while now and last week I took a look on Fotofyndets home page and noticed they had a remote to the D90 in stock, and for only SEK 180:-! The Original MC-DC2 costs SEK 530:-! Almost three times the price of the RS-N3!

Ordered the D90 remote YongNuo RS-N3 at once and today I got it in the mail. The cord is a bit shorter and not as flexible as the one to the D80 but for the price it was ok!


First test run:

Good thing the cord is a bit shorter the cord on the remote to the D80 had a tendency to get snared with the tripod. The remote will come handy when shooting bracketed shots for HDR images. =)


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