Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter brewskies...

Since it was such nice weather I decided to bike past the Systembolaget (Actually the opposite way from home, whatever..) to buy a couple of beers. Ended up with 9 bottles in the shopping basket! The Easter brews from different breweries had come and if that wasn't enough there were a few other new beers on the shelf!
From left to right, Oud beersel from Oude Geuze Vieille (Belgian) , Zlaty Bazant from Slovensko? (Heiniken) (Slovakia), Saku Kuld from Saku (Estonia).

Over to the Easter beers, Påskbryggd from Falcon (Carlsberg), Påskbryggd from Mariestads (Spendrups), Blåkulla Påsköl from Slottskällan and lastly Påsköl from Eriksberg (Carlsberg).

And a couple of Brother Thelonious just for the taste... =)

I'll see if I have the energy to post ratings of the beers after I have tasted them...

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