Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scotland, 2:nd day, Innerlethien.

Yes, a bit late post, it's been crazy, I need to switch to 36h days! :)

But here's the photos from the second day, which we spent in Innerleithen, the trail is just a few minutes away on a bike! =)

Getting our gear out of the shed.

Since we had one person in the hospital there was a full suspension bike over and Jomper went to the local bike shop to get the pedals exchanged, we didn't have powerful enough tools to remove them. Rest of us waiting...

Finally we were done and on our way!

Had to cross the one way bridge over Tweed.

At the trail head. Another day with amazing weather!

Yup, up there somewhere went the trail!

We started to get used to the climbing that every ride started with.

Some good excuses to stop and shoot some photos of the scenery on the way up.

More trails.

Starting to get some height.

While biking it was possible to enjoy the sights.

Plenty of them!

More climbing after a short brake.

Into the scary dark woods.

Will the climb ever stop?!

Apparently not...

Perhaps soon?

Wow! The climb was certanly worth the while!

Happy faces in the heat!

Not far now.

Ah! A well deserved brake was in place.

People disappeared in to the thick heather! =)

What suits better than some IRN BRU to get back some strength?! ;)

I look a bit worn after the climb but I blame the sun!

Time to get a snack out of the bag.

I've had worse pick nick places! I could go home now and be satisfied!

More views, sorry!

Well, time to start going again, not far to the top now.

Finally at the top, a epic (yes, the word fits here) 360 degree view of the area was seen from here. It could only go down from here on... ;)

And down it went, not many shots from the decent, made a few video though.

And suddenly we where back in the village for a break and some food.

But first some ice cream!

What a day, we were all exhausted from the ride this morning.

More strengthening IRN BRU!

Tobbe chases bugs?

Well, after a hour or two we decided that the last ride was sooo nice so we decided to go for yet another one now that we had rested a while. The now familiar climb once more!

The views were still spectacular.

We decided to make "shortcut".

Per looks through the... What ever it now was.

Some art project. The Resolution Point.

This is what he saw.

The day had been fantastic and the evening was as good!

Time to go down again!!!

Gracing cows...

After getting back and getting ready for dinner we decided to go to a restaurant since no one felt like cooking food... ;)

The food wasn't as amazing as the rest of the day but who cared? The plate was emptied in no time and a few more beers found their way down the throat.

Now it was just a matter of leaning back and cherish the memories from today, just one bad thought poped up, "Why are we staying only three days?!".


  1. Ahmagadd! Looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice! Great shot of Per peeking through the hole. :)

    The last of the videos from the first ride appears to be private, I am not allowed to view it.

  3. man you have just ridden what was my (biking) back garden!,sweet descent from minchoor summit or what?!!,great to see well taken pictures of a place i have ridden so many times... i recommend you return in winter for a night ride round there!, thanks so much for posting...

  4. Cool! The decent was pure joy! :)
    Thanks, hard to take bad photos in such a great place! ;)

    I envy your former back garden, what a great place, don't know if I would appreciate it as much in the winter but I can imagine it's quite different then!