Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Ride II

A clearly decimated group, compared to last Wednesday, met up outside Lindbergs cykel this evening for the Onsdagscykling. The temperature was around 5 degrees Celsius and there was a strong chilling wind.

Only snapped four shots with my cellphone today when I was in the back of the group.
A short while after this shot there was a slight snow fall!
Nice to see the bike path free from snow all the way from Grängesberg to Ludvika!
Since we were about 10-12 riders there was faster rotation in the rows and one had to be in the from more often but even with the strong headwind it was no problem keeping the speed up, it was a nice tour!

As usual my feet got really cold despite my "bagtex", plastic bags on my feet to protect from the wind. I should have kept the shoe protectors on...


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  1. Good you got out, heard Emil and Malin went to Flamenco instead...