Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fruits de forêt

Finally a ride in the forest, albeit a short and wet one it was still enjoyable!

Took the forest road to the familiar trail.
Turned out that there were a huge pile of snow still on the trail so I continued on the road til I got to another trail head. Yes that's a front bumper from a Volvo.
Suddenly I recognized where I was.
Didn't dare to bike over the broken footbridge.
Managed to get out on to the ski/jogging track. There were patches of snow here and there, the snow was like slush. Should have brought the syrup with me! ;)
The small bridge over the water was still intact and I could bike over to the other side of the lake.
Still had a few minutes over before it was time for sushi so I decided to take a small detour. The lawn on the mansion was full of blooming crocuses.
Went under the railroad bridge and made my way to Marnäs, with still time over I biked down to the Marnästjärn and manage to surprise a few birds, among them a couple of swans. Not sure about what kind, they were slightly gray. Don't think they were regular Whooper Swans.

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