Monday, April 19, 2010

Fishy trip around the lake...

Took a quick look at the weather forecast today and it didn't look good for the end of the week so I decided to take the road bike for a spin around lake Väsman. The weather was nice, hardly no wind and only partly cloudy but the temperature was so, so...

Had to take it easy since I have a slightly sore throat right now and I don't want it to get worse.

Getting on to the bike path at ABB, lyviken.
Nice but cold weather.
The northern wind had pushed all the ice to this side of the lake.
Just riding along...

Some cracks in the pavement.
Frog view.
Lake Glaningen, some where in the background...
Only 35km left...
Walked a short path since there were no asphalt.
Made it to Saxdalens Livs.
Got a Snickers a had a chat with the owner inside, in the warmth.
More fat cracks.
No so nice road but very nice views.

Made it to Sunnanjö, passed T&A:s house but there were no car on the yard so I didn't bother to stop and say hello.
In Sunnansjö was the worst head wind, but it wasn't so bad.
Made in back on to the bike lane again.
Hardly no waves in the water.
Cold passages between the earth walls with snow still on them.
Back in Ludvika! almost 2h later.
47,6Km in total. GPS-Plot on Sports tracker:


  1. I was at work until 17:30 or so.

    Rad bike indeed! ;)

  2. Be glad I don't take my Rod bike!

    You don't go by bike to work? ;)

  3. Had a sleep in yesterday, and today. Feel drained of energy. :(

  4. I was like that on Sunday, not much better yesterday, had plans to turn back a few times while biking, glad I managed to convince myself to do the full round.

    Get better til tomorrow!