Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sthlm rd trp...

Way past due we (me and mum) finally made a trip to visit my brother, Juha and his girlfriend, Marit. I hadn't seen the new apartment they moved in to after I helped them to move their furniture to the previous apartment.

I got up early on Saturday morning to go get my mum in Grängesberg. There had been some snow fall during the night. :(
As if that wasn't bad enough it got worse while approaching Grängesberg!
Luckily the roads dried up fast and by the time we passed Fagersta the roads were moist free!

We made it! But as usual it took a few detours, thought I got hang of where the apartment was located and how to get there the shortest way, well, good thing there were no specific time we had to be there. :)

Living room / bedroom.
Door to the balcony.
The studio/sewing room.
Since we came by car we took the opportunity to go to Rusta and buy some stuff for the balcony, a foldable table and two chairs. A bonus mat was also bought. =)
Result after the pimping.
Everybody admires the result!
The green stuff also got some new living place.
All that work must had been exhausting since we all were very tired in the evening and I think most people were sleeping before midnight! I slept til 8:30 despite that, by 10:30 we were on our way back home.

It was nice to meet Juha and Marit and too see the new apartment! Thanks for the taco dinner! :)


  1. Woha, a Stockholm flat that looks into some forest instead of a neighbours apartment!

  2. It's a inner yard but still, some trees makes all the difference!

  3. Thanks for the taxi driving and im glad you liked the taco! Peace bro!