Sunday, April 25, 2010

Country roads...

Updated with video! ;)
Last weeks pathetic trail ride wasn't enough, just made me want to bike more in the forest. So today I did a new try and the snow levels were way better! Still lots of snow here and there but by carefully choosing where to go I managed to get some trail-time!

Took the trail up to Grönastigen, there I could choose which road to take.

Or maybe this one?
Finally I opted for the driest one. :)
Mostly dry, but in the shaded parts there were still some snow and ice on the road.
Made good speed on the sand.
The ice and snow I mentioned.
Sweet view, less sweet photo. :)
Some down hill parts. :)
Short stop to smell the flowers.
Biked over Harnäs and made it to Biskopsnäset. Now I could take the regular trail.
Muddy as usual.
Don't know what happened.
When I passed the tree some branches fell straight off! ;)
Managed to bike over the broken bridge, this time I was coming from the other side, no problem, but it got worse when I turned to the trail that I'm used to take. Lot's to clean up...
To my relief they hadn't cut down the trees around the "Narrow trail".
But the trail path up to the running track was covered with more debris from the deforestation, thank god for Endomorphs! ;)

Practiced some macro with the Nokia phone...
Interrupted a photographer on my way over the bridge, he was hunting for a woodpecker in a tree but I didn't manage to scare the bird away. ;)
No train this time either.
And that's despite I stopped for shooting some photos.
Decided to take a extra round around ABB. Hällarna.
Some slick rocks can never be wrong!
After that it was just a matter of getting home again.
Managed to calm some of the trail biking itch, mission accomplished!

GPS-plot on Sports tracker:

Made a glorious slideshow of the photos:

Country roads... from harri manni on Vimeo.

Some shots from a recent bike ride.


  1. Sweet! I can't wait for the snow to melt. Unfortunately there's a lot of it left :-/

  2. Me and Anki rode some dry trails on Sunday, only found the smallest patch of ice. :D

  3. Micke: Yes, really sweet to get out in the bush!

    Tobbe: I think you are lying, show some evidence! ;)