Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today I took the role of driver and removal man. Helped my brother and his girlfriend to move some of their stuff from Skinnskatteberg to Stockholm, think I drove close to 500 kilometers today.

Borrowed my fathers car a Subaru Legacy, 4-WD came to good use on the snowy winter roads today, we got lot's of snow this morning. Went to get the car last evening so that I wouldn't have to go the opposite direction in the morning and save a few miles and minutes.

Around 1 o'clock tonight I got a text message asking me if I could bring the bike carrier too... *sigh* So now I had to go to my parents anyway to get the carrier in the morning...

Well after I collected the bike carrier I was on my way, used a shortcut thru a road with less traffic, it was not ploughed. But the scenery was beautiful!

Only got the camera in my mobile phone with me..

After loading the car we started to drive to Stockholm. But we had to stop and eat something and there was a newly opened MAX hamburger restaurant in Västerås. We ordered almost all available side orders there was on the meny, felt like it anyway! Onion rings, french fries, mozzarella sticks, bean 'sallad', Chili cheese, two different dip sauces and a cheese cake dessert! =)

Sorry, only managed to get a 'after' photo.

This is how my brother felt after a while.

Well, after that we managed to find our way to the new appartment in Bandhagen, but we needed some travel instructions over the phone the last few kilometers.
We met up with another car from Mora, with the rest of the stuff and after that I drove all the way back home again! After 12h I was back at my parents, a lot more snow here!

Could not help my self, had to go drifting in the snow on a large open area before I returned the car, 4-WD is a hoot!! *grin*

Too bad it wasn't a WRX like below!

Well, that's another way to spend a Sunday. ;)


  1. It was _full_! But I'm glad I din't have to haul a trailer!

  2. This is regarding the Volkswagen Beetle, the comment box does not appear in that blog post for some reason.

    Nice photos! Did you take your car there?

    In German a 'V' is pronounced as 'F' and a 'W' is pronounced as a normal 'V'. Hence Volkswagen is spelled just like that and pronounced Folksvagen. You have the W and V reversed, but Volksfagen works too. ;P

    If you apply this pronunciation to the school Vasaskolan it becomes somewhat amusing. At least to me.