Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More toys!

Placed a order on a XEROX PHASER 6110N color laser printer yesterday at elevenish, today about the same time I got at text message on the phone that the printer was delivered! That speed I like!

The price for the color laser printer including delivery ended up at 1300:- Sek fron, very fair price if you ask me, however when I got to the post office I realized how big and heavy it was! =)
Everything needed to get going except a USB-cable, wonder why they don't ship printers with a cable when almost every other USB connected item you buy ships with one?! I will probably connect it via the Ethernet network anyway. =)
Toner cartridges mounted.
Ready for start up, read on the reviews that the printer had a tendency to make some smoke when the fuser is heated up for the very first time. Disappointed that no smoke was shoving but a burned smell spread in the room...
First color photo printed! Had some trouble with the printer stopping because of malfunction in the paper tray, switched it off but that was a mistake since it started over with the calibration process all over again, took ages!
I hope it will serve me well for at least a few years to come, I seldom print anything but when I want to I never have a printer at hand. I refuse to buy a inkjet printer since all inkjets I have come across tend to stop working after a short while due to the fact that the ink dryes up and clogs up the intricate jet nozzles...


  1. I might have to look into one of those. We also need a printer but like you I'm reluctant to go the inkjet route.

  2. Samsung has a color laser in the same price range , perhaps worth looking at too? Not sure if it's better or worse, but the Xerox will cover my bases any way.

  3. I'd might have to buy one too, one day or another. They really are handy at times.