Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bhut jalokia...

Taste testing the world's hottest pepper! The man looks devastated after a while! One million Scoville units, normally it's only possible to reach that high on the scale by concentrating habaneros...

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  1. Did he put candlegrease in his mouth? Did he meet Johnny Cash as a desert fox? Did he encounter the Ring of Fire?

  2. I grow the jalokia and they have good flavor but are excruciatingly painful when eaten this way. This dude experienced pain like being shot by a gun. The pain is intense, but lasts only about 10 minutes. They don't cause lava shits like jalapeno. I think there is probably a medical use for this type of capsicum. I think a bit of a high, like large adrenaline rush and otherworldly feel is associated with this kind of self-abusive behavior.