Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back from the repair shop, again...

Some time before Christmas I left my Seiko black/orange Monster watch to the repair shop to get the black clock hands replaced with white hands.

It looked fine with black hands but it was hard to read the time with black hands against black background. Hence the swap.
All was fine until a month ago when suddenly the minute hand got loose and started to spinn when tilting the watch! Got it fixed for free but the repair took forever, apparently the repairman had been sick and so on...

This is how it looked with black hands:

To set the time again on an automatic watch requires a small procedure, Seiko has a excellent guide for the SEIKO Cal. 7S26, I'll put a link here for future

While the Seiko was on repair I used my Casio Edifice (EF-126D-1AV) for being relatively cheap I must say it is extremely accurate and well built, must be one of the best watches I have bought when comparing price/performance.

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