Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Was it just a dream?

Was it just a dream? Or did it really happen? I have some faint memories from past Saturday that I took my racer for a ride...

Think I started on the road towards Smedjebacken.
There was dry asphalt under my tires.
Even the less used roads were free from snow and ice.
I could see the water flow in the streams.
The sun was shining and the sky was blue.
I was able to take a short brake and stretch my legs without freezing.
I could see how the snow just melted away before my eyes!
I didn't even care about the hard head wind since I knew it was helping to melt the snow.
But now, looking out of my office window I can only conclude that it must just have been a sweet dream, the snow is still falling and I can't see asphalt anywhere... :(



  1. Well, it certainly was a sweet dream. I'm seriously starting to doubt that this winter will ever end. To add insult to injury it seems we're going to have another decimeter and a half of snow this coming weekend :-/

  2. Ouch! It has been snowing the last two days here, the temperature is slightly above zero so some of it luckily melts away fast.