Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silly cone!

It's not this cone the blog entry title refers too, keep going! =)
Took the car to the harbour a few minutes during lunch hour, were about to go out biking but a meeting after lunch ruined those plans. :/
Did manage to take some photos anyway, maybe not so good but photos non the less!
Always a tree blocking the view!
Power plant on over-drive in the cold.
There's distortion in the atmosphere, looks like hot air but I doubt it.
Keeping the pennant high in the cold.
Long time, no wash...
Well, now it's time for the silicone, bought new contact lenses today, finally getting rid of the foggy glasses. Apparently silicone based contacts "breath" better so I hope they irritate my eye less than regular contact do.
I hope the weather is nice tomorrow too, today the forecast said it was all grey with an overcast, just like you saw on the photos. ;)

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  1. Clear skies and -19°C this morning, but now it's starting to cloud over. If the temperature goes up to single number in the evening I'll go for a ride.