Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Midwinter madness!

FINALLY! Got out on a ride, a very short one but a ride non the less! =)
First proper bike ride since the 16th of December 2009(!)

Wasn't sure what way to go since I was a bit delayed due to the stripping of the fenders of the Pugsly and mounting the flatties. Well, manage to get out eventually, started by getting down to the small lake passing some same old buildings as usual:
Always a challenge to bike these trails with camera in one hand and steer with the other:
Winter snot:
Almost there!
Pushing through the snow!
Video from the lake ride:

Took a snowmobile short track.
Winter palace:
Lake Väsman:
Getting close... With something...
Don't ask what that red was, no clue...
More view over the lake:
Looked like a nuclear detonation over Ludvika:
Even my eyelashes were freezing, was difficult to blink sometimes, don't remember that ever happened before!
The temperature was around -10 Celsius.

More photos and the above, press play to start slide show:



  1. My last bike ride was also on December 16th, alas it's still my last bike ride. :(

    The red thing is a float, some fisherman has caught a tree! Alas the tree apparently won. :)

    You're crazy as fuck to go biking on the ice, especially Övre Hillen.

  2. One BIG float!

    I tride to keep me on the ice where I saw tracks but could not help my self to go on the untouch snow a few times. Iäm usually very hesistant to go out on ice but for some reason not yesterday.

    I walked out a bit at the shore when I was at Väsman and after just a few steps the 'ground' dissappeared under my feet and I fell down around 20cm on the stones under the thin ice crust! Luckily there was no water under. :)

  3. Hullo Harri,

    Came to you by way of Coastkid.

    Simply stunning photographs. Beautiful and aspiraional for an amateur like me.