Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter shots...

The temperature is still way too low for humans, but the amazing weather made me go out for a short walk equipped with my camera to take a few slightly more current photos.

First thing I met was a troll!
Next, some birds that didn't have any other option than stay outside:
A scene I captured last winter and this is almost identical, both in motif and temperature!:
Passed a milestone:
Someone stuffed a small (Christmas?) tree in the hole on the mill stone:
Some cool(!) patterns in the snow thanks to the low sun:
The sun apparently melts the snow on the sunny side but has no power on the dark side:
A snow spider:
Yet another shot of the Wheel:
More wheels:
Frozen berry's, not yet eaten by the birds:
No wind or warmer weather so the snow piles up:
Lastly, the bird parade:
Wish I'd taken with me the 2X tele converter since the light was so bright but then again it would had degraded the image quality and not made justice to the Nikkor AF 80-200mm/f2.8 ED. =)


  1. Love the troll and the spider, very imaginative!

  2. Took a shortish walk to Ställviksberget yesterday, very nice outside - apart from the low temperatures.

  3. snow spider! and original?..great pics...