Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's pouring down...

Postponed my bike ride til this afternoon, perhaps I should have gone out during the lunch hour?

Wonder if it's still possible to pedal on the road in a few hours? Time will tell! =)


  1. Having read the forecast I went for a ride yesterday :-) Now it's snowing like hell and the wind is even worse :-/
    A category 2 warning is issued for my area (damages to people and structures likely, disturbances to public services and such are likely). But I don't know, so far it's no worse than the christmas snowstorm. I had to use goggles to ride to work though :-)

  2. Thankfully not that much wind here but the amount of snow that's come down in just a few hour is frightning! ;)

    Hmm, goggles, wonder if I dare use them..?