Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shades of gray...

Another dull day, decided to take the Pug and go out and look for some snowmobile tracks and try out if they are hard enough to carry me and the bike.

First trail looked promising!

There was a thin layer of loose snow on the surface but just enough to make the progress a bit slower and putting extra strain on the legs. ;)

It was the usual climb up the hill. There seems to have been some log cutting and thinning of the forest.

Looks colder than it felt. =)

One of the forest machines.

It was like a tunnel through at some places.

A slope going sown finally! Had to let out quite a lot air from the tires to get some steering abilities in the loose areas.

Realized I was better off turning back and on the way back I met a snowmobile. Looks like the sign isn't visible from the other direction...

On the way back I got to ride down the hill where I had made my way up, there had been some vehicles on the road so the surface was hard and I managed to get some respectable speed! Enough to feel the cold wind! :)

A woodpecker at a junction where I took another Snowmobile track in to the forest.

I could pass under most of the trees over the trail but this one was really low and I can imagine it was a problem for the snow mobiles too so I decided to get rid of it.

This was was slightly looser but still manageable, walk where it was too steep to pedal, If I had some stamina and strength there had been no problem to ride the bike.

Gave up after a few kilometers and went back down again, this time on the bike!

The ride took almost two hours total, effective time was slightly over an hour. ;)

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  1. I went for a ride on the roads on Saturday. It was a spur of the moment really otherwise I would have invited you.

    Snöån > Hagge > Lernbo > Gubbo > Harnäs.

    Just over two hours and 36 km. Was almost certain that I was gonna crash going down hill on the road between Snöån and Hagge, due to the tracks and slush but somehow managed to stay upright. :-O

  2. No problemo, it was the same way for me too, not sure I would have survived 2h on the roads anyway, but then again, I'm not that fast on tarmac. ;)

    What average speed did you get?

  3. 17,6 km/h, clean tarmac was scarse.

    The trip on FunBeat.