Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Full blast!

Quit work early today, hoping to get out on a short bike ride while it still was some daylight outside.

The weather services had been warning all day about the approaching snow storm, but by noon there was just some minor snow fall so I decided to skip the lunch ride to save it til the afternoon. After lunch the snow really started to pour down and in just a few hours something like 10 cm of snow fell down! Was starting to regret my decision.

Well, decided to go out anyway, one have to make the best of fantastic weather like this! ;)

There had been some tree cutting along the train track to protect the track from fallen trees, they had filled the bike lane with all the rubbish that was left behind, thanks for that!
Had to push my bike up a trail in a small forest area just to try to bike down again, it was sketchy! Did it only once...
Took refuge from the snow under a small bridge.
Had some snow stuck in the beard.
Ludvika by night (evening).
Tried to force my way through a snow wall but got stuck...
Another beautiful photo of me when I finally got home.
Another ride to think back on in the summer when it feels hard or tough! Had to work for every meter, can count the free ones on my left index finger! ;)



  1. Holy icicle beard batman! I was content just riding home from work yesterday...

  2. Mmmm... Glad I went under ground yesterday, no snow what so ever! :)

  3. You are so underground... Sissy! ;)

    Any reports?

  4. Hope to make a video of it public sooner or later...