Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Test run..

The weather was perfect and the forecast had promised bad weather for the rest of the week so I quit work a hour earlier to go for a ride.

My "forest" bike is fitted with down hill tires, my single speed is plundered for parts and in pieces so the option left was to use my recently adopted racer bike and that is what I did!

Managed to fool the train and passed the railway X-ing without hassle.
Funny could formation above lake Väsman.
Lupin flowers starting to bloom.
The lovely looking district heating plant.
I was flying on the asphalt with my racer! =)
A lot of pollen in the water.
I was planning to take the tour around the lake but when I was approaching Gonäs I remembered there was a construction site on the bike lane for replacing the old road bridge and I wondered if there was any way to bypass it.
There was a trail to the left but with my bike there was no use trying to take it with my skinny tires. I did not matter how ever since I got a call asking me if I was interested in a BBQ that evening. =)

Had time for a short resting period.
Took some shots while I was off the bike.
Same route back, passing a cemetery.
Almost back in town.
Mmmm, fresh asphalt!
Back at the bridge again.
No 45km , perhaps another time....
After that it was time for food!
And some beer.
Just eat it!
Tobbe looked pleased.
Perhaps it was the garlic butter that did it?
Ryddan had some interesting sun burns from this weekend.
Tobbe and Anki looks distracted.
Thanks to Ryddan and Emil for fixing the barbecue and thanks to the rest for the company! :)

More about Tobbes beer found here: http://grumt.blogspot.com

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