Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Abstract and concrete...

Today it was time for some mahjong again, long time since last game, there was just a few more rounds left since last time.

While waiting for my sister to get a ride to Tobbe and Anki I took some shots to make time pass.

There was some papaver flowers growing and this one looked like a hairy pack man! :)
Blooming ones.
Don't know what these were.
The recent rain had made all the pollen to gather in the puddles, gave these some more contrast and color and they look like abstract paintings.

And the mahjong? Anki won a crushing victory with several thousand points. We started a new game while we were at it.
Tobbe offered some nice beers, Oppigårds Spring Ale and some Brother Thelonious. =)
Thanks for the food, beer and company!

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