Sunday, May 31, 2009

Faux macro...

Finally got some time over to go shoot some photos in the nice summer weather. Crazy hot outside, tried to keep me in the shade but not so lucky all the time.

Got some sunburn yesterday so I really noticed when the sun scorched the sensitive skin!
Used the Nikkor 28-105mm D, lowest F-stop is 4.5 so it work fine in the bright light. It's not a "true" macro lens but it has a macro function that makes it possible to go very close, just a few centimeters from the front element.

Started with some flowers in the "backyard".
The bees were very busy.
There was some flowers to choose among...
A tree near the pond spread some fluff from it's branches.
There were some stuff in the air!
Manage to sneak up on some very shy dragonflies.
Don't know what happened but suddenly it became very shy.Tested some macro video, sorry about the heavy breathing, I was kneeling down in an awkward position. :)

My lust for a longer reach macro lens is growing, found a ad for a used Nikon 105/2.8 AF-D Micro-Nikkor for 4500:- sek but I think I want even more reach, 150mm is the lower limit, 180mm or 200mm I think is ideal for bugs and critters, also makes the background blurry and nice.

Paired with a close up lens seems to give some fantastic results!


  1. Haha, love the "shy" photo. :D

    There were tons of large dragonflies in the north end of Öradtjärnen/long trail at Källbotten.

  2. Hehee.. Yeah, it was funny that it sat still for several minutes and after a while went behind the branch to hide and peek over the edge!