Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reconnaissance mission!

Made a short visit at Högberget this evening to look for the upcoming DH-race track.

Started by going up the Gröna Stigen trail and the forest road down to the old slalom slope.

The annoying squeaky sound that I noticed before the previous race was now occurring more often.

Well, I made it to the running track around the hill.
Think I found it! :)
View downward from the other side of that stone "bridge".
View upward again but further down the track a bit.
This one is above the ladder seen in the first photo.
The ladder in the slope, quite steep here!
Followed the trail upwards and came out at the antenna at the top.
And here the track starts!
Since I left all the body armor back home because of the hot weather I decided not to try the down hill track and continued on the road to the slalom slope and go down the trail there.
Funny how trails that felt scary to bike a few years ago now is really nothing to ride down! :)

Since that trail didn't get my adrenaline running I went to another short trail that was really tricky a few years ago, remember how I felt I had no control passing down there!

The trail goes right of that big rock and steep down to a sports field.
Not even the fact that I left the leg and knee protection at home did it more scary. Yawn! ;)

Finally a GPS plot of the ride.
Highest point marking is at the antenna on top of the hill.

Must return there with proper protection and try make a test run of the whole track!
It's really steep and rough so it will be interesting to see if I manage to ride the whole trail...

Second note: When I got home I totally disassembled the cranks, noticed the bearing on the left side was not in best shape, re-greased it and put everything back again. Decided to check all the bolts and nuts on the bike, turned out that the upper bolt keeping the rear swing was very, very loose!

Put on some loc-tite och screwed it back, the bolt on the other side wasn't that loose but I did the same treatment there. Will take the bike to work tomorrow, hopefully the squeaking is gone!


  1. Now that was a proper short ride!

    The steep trail down to the sports field is not as technical since they turned it into a sledge hill.

    I went out on the bike to Håksberg with Anki. Had totally forgot that the trail parallel to the railroad between Ickorbotten and Håksberg was covered in rock. Ankis was none to pleased! :D The mosquito's was insane...

  2. Propper short indeed! :)

    Hmm, the steep trail was as I remembered it, was there really that much trail left after passing the rock and a short rocky tech trail?

    Ouch! Bad choice! Had some mosicito visits when I paused but it was managable. =)