Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday I came to think about a enduro track that's located not far from Ludvika and that I visited many years ago. That time I tried to follow the track a while but gave up since I didn't know how long it was and where I would end up and to be frank I thought it was very difficult to ride with a bike!

At a coffee brake at work I asked a co-worker who has a MX what he thought about biking around the enduro track and he thought it was doable and to my luck he had a GPS-tracking of the track and he could show me the track layout and where to go.

First I thought about biking to the enduro trail but after wasting time fixing with the bike I decided to take the car there, would turn out to be a good idea... :)

The start at Björnhyttan Enduro trail.

Parked the car in the shade!

Hmm, looks more like a forest demolition than a track! =)

Finally on my way!

Looking back, no return!

First major obstacle, didn't make it further, had to walk the last bit.

First wet spot on the trail.

After that it was like a highway! =)

Until the next wet part came along.


Approaching the next climb.

Starting to get some view!

Made it further up the hill than I first thought I'd manage.

Still same climb.

No problem biking up until the last bit with a big rock section.

On the top! Magnificent view.

The grass is growing.

View to the other side.

Now the trail turned downwards a while!

Very hot weather!

Here I started to hesitate, didn't look good at all.

Noticed there was some plastic stripes just a cross the "gap". Decided to skip the marshy trail and headed over to the other side. Turned out to be a good decision!

Only drawback was there was a new climb...

Thankfully it ended shortly and now there was a steep trail down! =)

First another look at the view.

Made it down. Dried up mud.

More wet parts, had to lead the bike through.

Made it out to a small forest road. That was partly flooded.

Like this...

Back in to the trail.

Crossing the road once again.

Looking good!

Then I came to a logging area and it was pretty dull to ride with a MTB.

Luckily it ended and I was back in the forest.

Very technical trails!

Looked like this in many places.

Then I came out in to a young forest with nice trails.

The trail winded back and forth in the forest.

I don't recommend trying to shoot photos with the camera in one hand while biking! =)

The shutter times was a bit long with the small compact camera.

11km done, minus the ~3km part I skipped.

Now I was starting to get very exhausted!

Here I managed to get the front wheel locked by a big boulder and was almost going over the bar!

Getting close to the garbage dump, interesting smells emerging from there!

No fences.

Found a CD where I took a short pause and got me self some snacks to get some energy back!

After that I came out at the logging area again and it started to look familiar again.

Here I got the fastest speed on the whole trail.

Wohoo! Back at the car again and it was still there!

Completely depleted!

Some notes and signs at the start area.

My legs got some dust on them and it stuck to my sweaty legs but the socks saved my feet! :)

The GPS-tracking.

There a big chance that I will visit the tracks again! =)

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  1. Interesting, had no idea that existed. Did you pay the asked 20,-? ;)