Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First proper test ride...

Thought it was about time to take the "new" bike out for a longer test ride. I just thought I'd grease up the rear mech some since I have cleaned it and removed all the grease.

Specially the part that connects to the derailleur hanger and that was completely dry, opened up the whole thing and put grease on the parts, decided to try get more tension in the spring that keeps the pulleys away from the cassette, turned out to be easier said than done!

There is a removable end stop so it's easy to adjust the tension, in theory! Not so easy with only two (greasy!) hands to keep the thing in tension and at the same time insert the stop part and screw it in place at the same time!

Well, after some struggling I managed to get the mech in shape and put everything back where it should be.

Thought I'd try some forest roads so I went over Biskopsnäset towards Håksberg.

Everything worked like planned!
Short brake at the bridge in Håksberg.
Nice weather this evening.
Cockpit view.
Left over mine buildings in Håksberg.
I'm running a 1x8 gear set-up and the steep climbing up the Håksberg hill was easier than expected but a lighter gear might have been in place but that can be compensated with some more exercise and weight loss. ;)

Made it over the hill and over to the other side and the bike lane parallel to lake Väsman.
The rear mech worked as it should, the shifting wire needs some small adjusting though... The bike lane is build on a old rail road track so it's very straight and horizontal.
Speeding past lupines.
Back in Ludvika again, no more water in the dry stream.. :(
The bike preformed beyond expectations, there is some bobbing when one pedals, should be less when I use "SPD:s", but that's a small sacrifice to get a comfy ride on the less than good forest roads. :)

There should also be some improvement to be made with the suspension, both front and back, with some tuning it should be possible to stiffen the dampening without loosing the comfort.

Now I just have to cut the steerer tube and do some minor adjustment and I can call the project finished, for this time! =)

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