Monday, June 22, 2009


First time eating on the open air patio at the local Sushi place! =)

Entrée, bean sprouts and miso soup. My sister Hanna sounded a bit sceptical about the bean sprouts. ;)
Main course, yakiniku with "coleslaw" and raw vegetables. Mmmmm....
I was a bit hesitant on sitting outside in case it would be a bit cold but when the sun managed to shine through the clouds it got crazy hot! :)

How to make Miso soup:

Soup: How To Make Miso Soup


  1. The bean sprouts are Ankis favourite, white pepper, sesame oil and some chili.

  2. Sounds easy after you manage to get hold of the sprouts!

    But I didn't expect miso soup was that complicated to cook! Looks like such a simple dish. =)