Sunday, June 21, 2009

Between showers?

Was about to get out on a short race bike ride earlier today but while drinking my morning coffee I heard the rain hit the window...

But it was just a short rain shower and after getting the bike ready, managed to flat the tire earlier, the weather looked ok!

Decided to go around Hagge, an other lake near by.

First short stop, Snöån. (Snow stream), not much snow now! =)
Further ahead, at a bridge dividing lake Hagge and Saxen. View over Hagge towards Ludvika.
After that came the first real climb. View backwards.
Another bridge over the stream in the Hagge 'village'. Too bad the shop was closed, no ice cream..
Almost back at home again, another bridge at Norsbo, the cafe wasn't open here either...
Another angle.
Only thing that could have been better would have been if I had taken the other way around, I would had less head wind. ;)

The ride took roughly an hour but If I 'd had had more water with me I could have been going for longer, very nice day today!