Monday, June 8, 2009

Gravity driven fun!

This weekend was planned to be spent in Karlstad at the SSSM, Swedish Single Speed Championship and in Kinnekulle but there were some change of plans due to fatigue and time shortage.

But eventually there were new plans drawn and Sunday was decided to be spent in Gesunda at the down hill tracks.

The Sunday started with me waking up at 7:20 A.M. noticing that the alarm clack wasn't set to on, I had set the alarm time to 7:00 A.M. but forgot to switch it on! Had to call Tobbe to come by later.

When making breakfast I managed to burn my finger on the bacon lard in the frying pan! Started to wonder if the day was going to continue in this manner...?

A "pimped" Volvo on the parking lot.
As if that wasn't enough there were another one! :)
Time to get a new helmet.Tobbe rigging the camera.View of the parking lot.
Testing the new trail.Some one shot from the ski lift.
Tobbe on Xcelerator.

Tobbe checking the camera.Just hanging.Uppsala people.Unknown rider on Magic Carpet.
The cool gang!Tobbe inspecting the ground.
Looked really scary when he tipped over and tumbled down in almost ultra rapid!It's steep!Water pause.
More equipment checks.Candy stop on the way home.
Moose safari on the side of the road, totally unafraid moose's.
Scary shot! :)Feeding time.
Another Sunday well executed! ;)

Tobbe making a perfect pass over one of the gaps on Xcelerator trail!

Testing with deshaker.

Few more videos.


  1. Braaap!

    Nice, the water-drinking-shot became worse than I hoped for. :D

    Did the video I shot of you with the cell phone come out at all?

  2. Oh, and I still can't figure out how the f that tree could end up between my ass and the saddle. :D

  3. Yeah, a day that started bad but ended well! :)

    Tobbe: Yeah, so so, I can upload those too.

    Any sore spots?

    My calves still hurts hurts from the Sunday excercise!

  4. Mostly triceps, makes more sense then the back like I had last time...

  5. Ooh, I did manage to keep you in frame. :D

    That drop looks so lame from the side. Not at all what it felt like the first times. :D

  6. Yeah, we hade to stop recording the drops and such, not good for the self esteem to see how lame it looks compared to how it feels!