Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Going backwards!

Ordered a third party 52mm reverse ring to my Nikon camera this Friday from Fotofyndet for 149:- sek, got it in the mail today! =)

The original Nikon BR-2A reverse ring cost more than twice the price (350:- sek) and it's just a metal piece with threads and has been on back order a long time!

Close-up on the side that fits in the camera, in this case Nikon F-mount.
The threaded side where you screw on the lens reversed.
Here mounted on the 35mm/f1.8 lens.
The other way around, mounted on the camera.
How it looks like correctly mounted.
Cap off.
Noticed the close up range is much greater with the Nikkor 35mm than with the Nikkor 50mm. What you miss on the 35mm since it's a G-lens is that it lacks a aperture ring but it's possible to manipulate the aperture with the aperture "arm" that pokes out of the lens with your finger.

Sorry that I don't have any example shots but I don't have any SDHC card reader right now but I'll post shots as soon as possible!

Next step is to get my hands on a double threaded adapter to piggy back a lens on another lens...


  1. Since I'm not a full on photo geek (still only a prospect, possibly hang around) what's the point of reversing a lens like that? I suppose I could google it, or even use my awesome brain powers to figure it out but then others wondering wouldn't get to know now would they?

  2. macro macro macro!

    Harri, de flesta kortläsare funkar även för SDHC om man installerar rätt KB från Microsoft: KB934428.

    Jag vill se bilder!

  3. Micke: As Jonas said, and just for the fun of it, like to have (cheap) options to play with. :)

    Jonas: Ah! Skall testa, letat efter uppdateringar hos HP för kortläsaren men där kammade jag noll...

  4. But... then you'd have to focus manually! The horror, the horror of it all! Won't somebody think of the children!

  5. Yes, it's not only manual, you focus by moving the camera back and forth til you got fucus! It's like back in the flintstones ages!

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