Monday, June 8, 2009

Kamikaze attack!

Hardly had made it to my office at work this morning when I heard a loud bang on one of the windows in the room! All you who have heard a snowball hit a window know what kind of sound I'm talking about!

Examined the window and noticed a big wet spot on the glass.
Looked down to see if I could locate what ever had hit the window and saw a small gray bird laying on the ground.
Went down and out to see if it still was alive and apparently the kamikaze-bird had failed since it was still breathing! ;)
Got even closer with the mobile phone camera. I think it's a Fieldfare.
I got one shade pulled up half way on one of the windows and that's where the bird aimed.
The middle upper window that is...

A amazing video of the bird that was so hurt it's blurry.

15 minutes later it was on it's legs and a few moments later it was gone, probably a cat that took care of it. ;)


  1. Meh, I thought this post would contain videos from Gesunda. ;P