Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting calibrated!

Finally got my hands on a monitor calibrator (colorimeter)!

Wrote about buying one some time ago but there has been other holes to put money in so it had been on hold for a while but this week I put in an order at after I figured out how to get free shipping. :)

I got the ColorVision Spyder2express.

Don't know if it did a huge impact on the color setting but sure there was a difference before and after. The main thing is that it gives a peace of mind knowing that I have done what I can to get proper color setting on the monitor.

Uploaded two amazing, award winning grade movies of the unpacking and the calibration procedure!



  1. Wow, those movies are amazing!

    When will you come and do my monitor? :D

  2. Yes, I put my soul in creating something exciting!

    I can do it when ever you have a Brother Thelonious available. :)

  3. There is at least one in the fridge right now! :D

    We can do it at some Mahjong event or other.