Thursday, June 11, 2009

Star tracking...

Think I have to keep the GPS-tracker more visible than I thought, perhaps the side pocket of my bike shorts isn't the best place? :)

Here's a GPS-tracking of today's short ride:
The position where it says "Fastest point" on the image the two yellow lines is actually the same trail in reality so it's a bit off!

Shot one image with my Nokia N73, at the highest point that is in the lower right corner and not where it says "Highest point" on the image.
A short ride as I mentioned but it was fun to steam through the mud puddles! =)


  1. At least you got out. :)

    I mounted the Polar speed-sensor on the Glory yesterday, today I will bike the LAST-trail and get altitude profiles. Wanna join?

  2. Hmm, that sound like fun, when will you head out there?