Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weight update #9

Over two weeks since last weight report, away one week in Spain and no energy to make a report last weekend. =)

Gained a kilo or two in Spain, no wonder even if we were active almost all day. lots of beer, junk food and regular food. The starters at the restaurants were as big as the main courses here in Sweden! One learned fast to just settle with the main course even if one was really hungry.

Well, the weight gain has one positive result, I can reuse the weight photos!

Open office seemed dislike fields with no data so I had to enter the same weight (98,8) on the whole Spain week, that explains the plateau in the end part of the curves.
Interestingly the lower blood pressure seems to have gone up lately.
Not progressing as fast anymore, had hoped that the increase of exercise would help keep the weight down and I suspect it's not just a growth of muscle mass...


  1. Somebody dumped several kilos of Marabou milk chocolat at work today, bastards.