Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unexpected visit...

Managed to find and get running a direct feed of the Formula Grand Prix from Spain. So this afternoon I spent in the sofa in front of the computer watching F1 while the rain sprayed the windows.

As usual Kimi managed to get a broken car and had to retire from the race. The race was still most interesting and that is usually not the case in Spain since the Catalonian track is the most proven one and the teams know every crack and bump on the track and can plan the race meticulously.

Well, after that I went to Gängesberg and my parents were about to go to Kopparberg and the cabin, my brother and his posse have spent the weekend there celebrating his birthday.

Decided to bring my camera and my Nikon Nikkor 28-105mm 1:3.5-4.5D lens since it has a decent macro mode and all the spring flowers is blooming.

But the first image is a recent birch leaf.
The next victim was this flower.
Some day I will buy a book with the flower names in it and try learn what sort of flowers I'm shooting. =)
This one is a wood anemone anyhow.
And another one I know, the cowslip!
The sauna stove and water heater. Nice to enjoy a real sauna again in a long time! =)
Very calm weather.
There was a birds nest in the woodshed. Not so pretty baby birds, can't be that old.
Time to get home.
More flowers.
A small ox-eye daisy.Enough with the flowers! The dog was shedding hair and the upcoming dog exhibition is put on ice..
Managed to catch a wildly buzzing bee violating a trees flowers, it seemed busy...
After leaving Grängesberg and shopping some food I passed the lake Väsman and took a few shots.
I really like the Nikkor 28-105mm, so versatile, as I mentioned before I wish it had been a bit wider on the wide end and it would be on the camera most of the time. A true gem in my opinion!


  1. Put the birds on a stick and roast them in the sauna. :D

  2. Maybe as a snack, not much meat on those! :)