Saturday, May 9, 2009

On the search...

Got a mail from tobbe yesterday saying that he was going out to the "new" trail to clear it up from fallen trees and what not, perhaps even build some north shores. Felt a bit lazy this morning so I didn't make it out until way past 3 p.m.

Weather was nice but windy.
Started the climb to the top.
After a while the tarmac ends and the gravel road starts.
Wohoo! Made it to the trail! :)
A bit less snow now than last time!
The trail over the clearing was a bit easier without the snow!
Made it back in to the forest, had to pass a forest tractor track and managed to make a OTB (over the bar) and my bike landed upside down with me under it, decided to take a shot with the bike like that. I tried to pass from the right.
Then there was a nice down hill section that was too fun to break in and stop for photos. No sign of tobbe or his work, still lots of fallen trees over the trail.

Made it down to the trail that was frequently used this winter.
Much more fun to climb without the snow.
Getting some rest and enjoying the view.
Then there was some more down hill trails and finally made it to the part where I had to push my bike through the snow for 20 minutes to get out to the road again, now it was a blast!
Out of the woods!
Found a short trail that has not been used for a while, nice vegetation though.
After that it was time for the trail over the small cape.
Really cold in the wind coming in from the lake.
Basically only transport back home left, but only after another short technical trail.
Managed to catch this beautiful Volvo on the way home! Note the flames at the rear windows.
The sign says "Suprise your car with a gold-wash". Feels like throwing pearls to the swine... =)
A nice short ride, perhaps I should have called tobbe first to check if he was out at the trail but it was a long shot anyway and I got some exercise! =)


  1. Oh, ratrod!

    And as you already know, I was there clearing the trail from shrubs, young trees and what not. Managed to clear 2/3 of the trail from the bottom up. It was a great feeling to bomb the trail without young trees whipping the genitals when I was done. ;)

    Yesterday I found a bigger tree-cutting-scissors (röjsax) at a flea market, will try it out today if the weather permits. So now I have two if you want to chip in with some muscle labor. ;)

    Chainsaw and the larger trees will have to wait a while...

  2. All that work and I didn't even notice! ;)

    I'm thankfull that I saved my genitals!

    Was that really necessary to get antoher pair of tree-cutting-siccors?! Perhaps you can use both at the same time? ;)

    If the wether clears up I might show up!

  3. It was only SEK 90,- and looked killer, so I could not resist myself. The other one is borrowed from my parents and didn't cut it. says no more rain today, but I will only bring one of them so you're in the clear. And when I'm done you'll be in the clearing.

    Oh, that was waaaay to lame for a Monday. Pardon.

    I'll take the trail where the skull was found too, that shrubbery of spruce got to go.

    I'm leaving the bike at home though, plan to test out my new trail running shoes (!) - it was an hassle to carry the bike around for that kind of work anyway.

  4. Puh!

    Ahh, give me a call when you done and I can test the trail and see if you did a proper job! :)

    Ok. We'll see if I show up, think I call and check if you still at the trail...