Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random snapshots

Got home today, thought it was going to rain just when I got out of the work building but I made it home, still dry. Hit me that I haven't yet changed the studded tires on my commuter bike so I thought I'd better go get it and bring it in before the rain starts.

Got outside my flat and remembered that I had taken my bike up town this weekend and parked it in the center! Doh! The dark clouds were rolling over the sky so I better hurry if I'm wanted to avoid the rain!

It's not that far away, walking distance. Walking however, is something like the most boring thing I can imagine if I have to get somewhere, so damn ineffective! =)

So to distract my self from the boring walk I brought my camera with me, still with the Nikkor 28-105mm lens attached. Snapped a few shots during my walk.

Flagpole with a pennant.
Blooming tree branch.
Maple leaves.
Another one.
Last shot, a mushroom cloud over the city!!
Bike salvaged and all the scary clouds seems to have disappeared...


  1. Hm, you must have been walking seconds behind me. I walked from the hospital (blood donation) and home, you're bike was still there and just minutes later it was pouring down.

    Contemplated to text you and ask if you became to drunk to remember where the bike was parked, but knowing you no alcohol is needed. :D

  2. Hmm, I even made it to the supermarket for some shopping before I was at home, the rain must have been very local! :)

    Good thing I have several bikes, didn't think I was ever going to say this, but, perhaps too many. ;)

  3. I'm starting to feel it's an everlasting job to just keep my bikes running. Don't have the time to do all the maintenance I want to. :/

  4. I feel like I'm getting there too, still have the spike tires on the Univega, but the Reign is so much nicer to ride to work on. ;)

  5. Still got the spikes on the Glory, not that I'll ever ride it to work but it means at least 45 minutes of tyre-changing (the Freddies are bastards) before I can go for a quick and sporadic push-bike-session... Not to mention the Turner that's still in pieces.