Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Despite a threatening clouds I decided to make a new go at the Källbotten-trail, hopefully without snow this time! ;)

Jumped on my Reign and started pedaling, was lucky to have headwind (meant tailwind home( hopefully!)), decided to take the rout over Biskopsnäset. Very dry trails, even the soggy patch were less soggy!

After climbing way to long, it looked promising!
Hmm, maybe I should try again, more to the right this time.
Got a few rays of sun on me but mostly it looked something like this.
Wild wood windflower.
This trail also seemed to have its share of fallen trees over the path.
After passing all the fun down going trails I stopped to raise the saddle and registered these old trees that has grown around a old mine shaft and someone used them to fence off people with steel cable.
Close up, wonder how many years it took? :)
The wind was abate when I started to bike homeward again so not much help there...

Noticed that the Wednesday ride-group had gathered outside Lindbergs cykel, biked passed trying to see if Emil or Ryddan was in there somewhere but did not see any of them, I got a few looks from the others, wonder if they thought I was going to join them and bike on the roads with my leg armour on? :)

Glad I left my DSLR athome but then again it would have been nice to take a few shots with a decent camera during the ride, got to look at some compacts...

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  1. The mine has not been active for at least 60 years now...