Monday, April 13, 2009

Testing the waters...

Got home relatively early this Sunday, the ferry from Finland came to Stockholm at 6:00 AM and the drive home took around 3h. After a short power nap I decided to go fo a ride and see if the trail at Källbotten had "defrosted".

It's kind of a tradition to go there early and get disappointed. =)

Would I get lucky this time?!

Something positive, the bike lanes had been sweeped clean from all the loose gravel!
Got to the point where the real climb started, just had to remove one of the sweaters I had on, it was really warm, around 15degrees Celsius! :)
Got to the top and it looked somewhat snow free, but before hitting the trail I had to check out an old mining tower.
It was surrounded by a fence.
Found a hole big enough to get the camera through, snapped a few shots at random, looked messy!
Another angle.
A brave or perhaps stupid spider had taken a path right out on to the snow.
Kept going on the track.
So far so good. A bit loose ground though..
Well, didn't have to go far in to the forest so realize it was hopeless to continue this time but I'll be back soon!
took another way back, big mistake, the road was also almost unbikable! The wheels sank down in to the loose gravel.
Made it back to the bike lane again.
Found the first hepatica of the year!
The spring streams were flowing wild.
Lots of of coltsfoots all over the place.
Was almost back home and was thinking about what to eat when I passed a pizza place, felt lazy and hungry so I used my emergency money to buy me a Iskender Kebab! Perfect ending to the ride. =)
It was so warm that I could sit outside and eat, good thing since I think that if I would eat inside everybody else would have to go out, I didn't smell exactly smell like spring flowers after a few hours on the bike. ;)

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  1. Also found quite a few Hepatica on our Sunday stroll.