Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going down...

Yesterday was busy, up 7am on a Saturday to go biking? Crazy! :)

We were 3 riders in the car going to Gesunda a small place not far from Mora, they have been committed to mountain biking and down hill the last 4-5 years and have now gained quite a reputation among mountain bikers, in an good way!

We're lucky to live a 2hour drive from the mountain so it's no problem to go there just for a day and have fun and then drive home in the evening.

The weather forecast had promised a hot day, summer is here! :)

Nice morning though.

Hitting the trails.

The trails were fantastic, dry and fun!

Magic Carpet trail was as fun as ever, finally managed to take some doubles! :)

More images and a short ride report in Swedish can be found here:

A panorama stitched together in photoshop from the top of the mountain and looking down on Sollerö island and lake Siljan.
Click for 1600 pixel wide image.


  1. 2 hours by car...bastard! For me it'd be more like 10...
    Looks like a really nice day, but maybe a bit too ?warm.

  2. Hehee.. Lots and lots of water, sweat running when getting down to the lift area. =)

    Nice to leave the Camelbak and only use pressure suit though.

    My hands gae up in the end of the day, can't figure out why?!

    I have a theory that the pressure in the front wheel was higher than I usually have and that gave more vibrations in the handles.

    Had symptoms that I never had before, not even after a week in Åre or Spain! Almost got blisters between the thumb and index finger. Weeeird! :)

  3. Yep, that was a day to remember. Most of my body was quite sore when I woke up Sunday. Muscles aching in legs, ass, hands and back. Had to pop a blister in the hand as well.

    I made well over ten runs.

    Seems like the first image is not showing?

  4. Ouch, managed to get away without blisters, if I had made two or more runs like you gyes did I might have blister too!

    Hmm, starnge, that images shows up sometimes and sometimes not.. Perhaps better upload it there.