Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weight update #10

Long time, no update on the weight! Been silly busy lately, don't know where all the time goes?!

Well, here is the latest charts:
Removed the "flat line' from the Spain week, the chart looks more consistent this way. The weight is fluctuating quite a lot, so is the "exercise", some days I sit still in the office for a day and some days I spend 6-7h on a bike riding all day long!

The important thing is that the weight has a downward trend! :)

Today I weighted 98kg, spent almost all Saturday on a bike riding down hill in Gesunda, I drank 3 litres of water and at least 1 litre of coke during the day! Pretend that 2 is a 0. ;)
Blood pressure chart:
Missed taking blood pressure medicine a few days now, the pressure seems to stay in reasonable levels anyway but I can't imagine it's good to go without it too long.

The lower pressure has gone up slightly, I have no clue if that's good or bad the upper pressure has dropped and that I know is good as long as it don't drop too low. :)

Pulse is on a hardly noticeable lowering trend.


  1. I weighed a ton on Sunday morning. Eat a whole "three little dishes" from China Town when I got home from Gesunda. All the coke and chocolate dipped nuts during the week did not help, must sleep more so I don't have to stay awake on sugar and caffeine when I come home from work...

  2. Good, keep up that eating! ;)