Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evening ride...

Took the Pugsley on a short ride a bit late this evening, the rain didn't want to end and I wanted to take the camera with me and I wasn't that keen on using it in rain since the plan was to put it on a tripod to take some video shots.

Then the sun started to shine and that was the signal! :)

Turned out to be really nice weather.
The snails seemed to have a great time...
Then started the climb...
Everything looked and smelled fresh after the rain. A pleasant fragrance of birch leaves was everywhere, at some places very strong! Fantastic! =)
Had some god use for my recently bought saw, cleared out three large trees that was over the trail, some one had already removed the smaller once!

Got to the power line, some mist near the ground.
The air was really moist.
After the climb I had the fun going down the other trail!
Some wet spots...
Some picturesque scenes.
Made it to the beach, threatening rain clouds approaching!

The water was calm anyway.
Found some flower at the shore.
After that I got a bit stressed to get away from the approaching rain and I didn't stop until I was behind the ABB-factory area. Turned in on the bike lane.
As I was biking on the bike path I noticed that the was some crunching sounds, thought that someone had managed to get small pebbles on the asphalt but then it hit me! The road was full of these little fellows!
I'm afraid I managed to roll over a couple or so before I stopped...

Had a go at the slick rocks, they were very slippery so I had to choose path carefully!
Ludvika in sight!
As usual the train passed when I had to cross the railroad, this time I could go under the bridge though! :)
On the the other side.
The water was calm and like a mirror.

It took way longer that I planned, the sawing took it's time and I didn't want to go home even if my feet were wet and I was getting cold! So nice now that the temperature is higher and the light is staying longer in the evenings. =)

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